Working On A Plan

So it’s been a while since I wrote anything for this blog. I talked about pushing through the fear but haven’t done it. There’s a lot of reasons for that but they are all excuses. I’m tired of making excuses. So, instead, I’m going to make a plan.

Part of my problem at K & M is I don’t have a real plan. I have ideas about things I would like to do. The problem is those all run together in my mind. I don’t have an idea about how I am going to get there.

It’s time to get serious. I want this to work. I want to make money from K & M. I want it to start paying the bills. But it’s not going to if I keep doing what I’ve been doing, which is nothing.

I will post my plan as I develop it.

Tripped Up Before I Even Get Started

This post grew out of a comment I made on this post on Think Traffic.

In my launch post, I talked about how things were going to be different this time. I put myself out there. I set goals and made them public. I did what people say one should do and knew it would make a difference.

Well, that didn’t work.

I was really excited when I starting reading about the MDBP. Here was something that would help me with my motivation. I would have people holding me accountable and pushing me to do the things I have always said I want to do.

I immediately started working on getting my blog ready for the project. I installed Clicky and got my RSS setup with Feedburner. I had this domain that wasn’t doing anything so I installed WordPress to use it as my accountability journal. And then when registration opened, I signed up as fast as I could. I wrote my first post on my journal and was really feeling good about things.

Then it was time to get some real work done on my blog. I made it a goal to get one thing done on the blog every weekday starting on Monday. So Monday came and….


Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday, nothing. And now it’s Thursday. I have already fallen behind and this thing has just started.

And it’s not that I didn’t try. I did. I opened up my blogging software several times and stared at the blank screen. But no matter how hard I tried, couldn’t make myself write.

I’ve started asking myself, why am I stuck? Why can’t I make any progress? And the answer comes down to one thing.


I have read several places that a good way to overcome your fears is to think of the worse thing that could possibly happen and then realize that the more likely result is not even close to that bad. The likelihood of someone dying or ending up homeless is extremely thin. The worse things that could happen is either a negative reaction or no reaction at all.

The thing is, those two possibilities scare me to death! Even writing this comment has been a struggle against that fear. What if people think I’m stupid? Or worse yet, what if no one cares?

Of course I know what my answer to those questions should be. Lucy from Get Online Income put it well:

1) People already think you’re stupid, humans are judgers, we judge, its our thing.

2) Thankfully those people are not your audience. You want the people who think you’re cool and/or can be convinced of your coolness.

3) No one cares already cuz there is nothing to care about.

She’s right. People will think what people think. There’s nothing I can do about it. All I can do is my best and not worry about the rest.

Man, that’s hard. It trips me up every time.

But I’m going to try to push through. I think I’m going to take a step back and work on a more detailed plan. Something that includes everything I need to do on all the projects I have, including at my day job. I’ll post here about it when I have something done.

Wizard’s Tower Launch

Welcome to Wizard’s Tower! My name is Eric Rogers. This site is going to be my public journal of my adventures into making money online.

First, a little history. I have been dabbling in online business/location independence/life-style design for the last several years. I have read books (The 4-Hour Workweek, The Art of Non-Conformity, Tribes, etc.), scoured blogs (Pro-Blogger, Think Traffic, The Art of Non-Conformity, etc.) and bought products. And I have made a total of $0.00 online in that time.

I have started to think about why I have not taken the things I have been learning and put them into practice. There are several reasons but they mostly boil down to comfort. I have a good job that pays the bills so nothing is really pushing me to make any changes.

This blog is my attempt to have something external pushing me. I have signed up for the Million-Dollar Blog Project at Think Traffic to give me some external pressure to actually make things happen.

The blog I am going to be working on for the project is K & M Tavern. It is a site dedicated to PC games. I have been working on it off and on for a while but never really given it the attention it needs.

But that is all going to change. I am making it my goal to work on 1 thing for K & M every weekday starting Monday (September 26, 2011). I will then write about my progress here. Hopefully that accountability will push me to actually get something done!

Let the adventure begin!